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The Original

Celebrate your personal connection to Nantucket with the original Nantucket Basket Bracelet,
The Bracklet™, created exclusively by renowned lightship basket weaver, Peter Finch.




The original Nantucket Lightship basket bracelet is woven with rattan in the traditional “tight weave” manner and features personalized ivory and scrimshaw end caps. Each Bracklet™ is stamped with the artist’s mark to guarantee its authenticity.

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New Brackletta™

The new thinner version of the Bracklet™ known as the “Brackletta™” is made to the same standards as its predecessor, and also features fully customizable end caps to celebrate your personal connection to the Nantucket island.

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Custom Baskets

Let Peter Finch build your very own personalized Nantucket Lightship basket. Send us details of your desired basket and we’ll get back to you with more information. We will personally walk you through the process and help you choose a basket that fits your needs.

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There is nothing that conjures up the image of Old World charm like a Nantucket Lightship Basket. Renowned Nantucket basket weaver, Peter Finch, has created the most elegant accessory for women and men as well – the ORIGINAL Nantucket Basket Bracelet – also known as the Bracklet™.

Each Bracklet™ is woven slowly and precisely with imported rattan and capped with legally reclaimed genuine ivory, hand-carved to fit your exact size. Local Nantucket scrimshanders painstakingly engrave and dye each end cap with your own customized text to celebrate your connection to the island. The Bracklet™ is then uniquely stamped with the artist’s mark of Peter Finch so you can be guaranteed that your bracelet is authentic and made with the highest of quality standards.

Nantucket Basket Bracelet | The Bracklet

UPCOMING Nantucket Lightship Basket Making Class in 2015

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